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CIRCULAR/GS/2013/032                                              Date: 10.12.2013
TO ALL OFFICERS                                                       PLEASE CIRCULATE
Dear Friends,

By now you would have come to know of the highly disturbing position of NPAs of our bank. As on 30th Sep 2013, Bank’s Gross NPA works out to 6.47% of the total advances. This NPA position is one of the highest among the PSB’s; of course entire banking industry is affected by deteriorating Asset quality probably due to a slowdown in country’s economy. NPA’s which stood at 14% in 2000 came down to 2% in 2009 and remained at that level for the past three years. But 2012-13 saw it climbing to the level of 3.89% for all PSB’s.
As officers of the Bank we are highly concerned about this. The high level provisions eat into our profits which cannot be brushed under the carpet. This would directly affect us as our future is linked to the fortunes of the bank. So it is in our interests to take the fight against NPA on a war footing. While Bank has been issuing periodical circulars and instructions on NPA, we should also develop our own strategies at the grass root level in tune with the ground level realities. This would call for an analysis of the figures to understand the malaise in its true perspectives so that corrective steps could be taken at all levels.
More than 70% of NPAs are from the metro zones and in the category of high ticket NPA advances of above Rs 1.00 crore, more than 400 accounts are involved. Thus, if focus is given to these high ticket NPA advances and bulk recoveries are made, we would be placed in the comfortable position. In respect of the remaining 30%, we have a real job on hand. It is on this we the lower level officers in the field have to step in more vigorously and plunge into the task whole heartedly, devise account wise strategies and take out all efforts to achieve recoveries.
Our interests are inextricably intertwined with the Bank’s interests and we should not be found wanting in this war on NPA. We have a job on hand and we are sure that we shall deliver when it matters most. We appeal to all our members to rise to the occasion as one man and prove our mettle for a bright tomorrow.
During the Business promotion meeting held at our Central office on 4th Dec 2013, we have pointed out some of the impediments faced by the lower level officer which requires immediate attention for the corrective steps.
  1. Of late too many review meetings, particularly for the Branch managers, are being organized which constitute time waster. While meetings are surely helpful in developing a well informed managerial force, frequent meetings have now become time waster and incurring huge expenses, lack clear-cut objectives.
  2. Submission of umpteen number of statements where branch managers tends to waste lot of time on trifle matters, leaving aside the more important ones like implementation of strategies for the business promotion as well as NPA recovery. Instead of reducing the paper work, now submission of statement are multi folded.
  3. Proper time management, confidence in oneself & in one’s colleagues and disciplined way of working is the only way one can get over these main time wasters and become an ACHIEVER.
  4. We have also demanded that the performance of the Regional Managers should be judged mainly on the work or Business growth due to their own efforts and not on the basis of the sum total of the performance & growth of the branches.
  5. Calling the officers to attend office on all Sundays and holidays by some of the Field Functionaries, has become routine which is very much against the message given by our top echelon that work-life balance should be maintained. The result was 40% increase in lighting expenses for the Q2FY14.
  6. More than 700 branches in the country are managed by single officer only. Even though our corporate office have directed all the field functionaries to provide minimum 2 officers to the branches, most of the field functionaries wanted to strengthen their office only and even refused  to redeploy the officers. Our corporate office should also give more importance for the compliance of their instructions by the field functionaries.

Friends, our Federation has always put forth its view & the problems faced by the officers in field before every successive management, how to make the Bank stronger and healthier. We are confident that all the suggestions made by us will be dealt with in the positive manner by our management.
We, the Officers are proud to be part of our great institution and again appeal to all our members to give their best and ensure its unhindered progress in the days to come.
                                LONG LIVE CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA
Yours Sincerely,
(A.R. SAIFULLAH)                               


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