Monday, October 17, 2011

Shri.A.R.Saifullah, General Secretary, CBOA, elected as General Secretary of AICBOF

We are very glad and proud to inform you of the election of Shri.A.R.Saifullah, General Secretary, CBOA, Tamilnadu, as General Secretary of All India Central Bank Officers’ Federation. The General Body Meeting of AICBOF held on 16.10.2011 at Ahmedabad elected the new team unanimously with Mr.A.R.Saifullah as General Secretary for the All India Body.

Shri.A.R.Saifullah started his sterling role in the Organisation as Regional Secretary of Tiruchirapalli Regional Unit in 2001. He was also the Deputy General Secretary of CBOA,Tamilnadu. In the conference of the Association held on 28.05.2006 at Tiruchirapalli, he was elected as the General Secretary of the Association. He was also a Joint Secretary of the Federation. Later, he became the Senior Vice-President of the Federation. When the vacancy of President arose, he was co-opted as President. Now, in the present Conference at Ahmedabad, he has achieved the crowning glory of General Secretary-ship. He is also Vice President of Tamilnadu unit of AIBOC and Deputy General Secretary of AIBOC.

Born on 12.02.1954 at Chidambaram, he graduated in Agriculture from Annamalai University. He was working as Deputy Agriculture Officer in T.N.Government before he joined the Bank. He was Welfare Secretary in Annamalai University and College Secretary of Agriculture students of the University. No wonder, he took to strong Trade Union activity in the Bank.

It is a matter of great pride for the Tamilnadu unit. Till 1984 it was a tiny unit. It was in 1999, it achieved majority, swimming against the current, facing intense fight from the workmen union and its surrogate officer outfit. We would have never imagined that one day it would give a General Secretary to the Federation itself. It should be a matter of immense satisfaction and fulfillment for all those who contributed to this mighty position of the Association in the last over two decades.
In the Association and Federation nothing counts except hard work, dedication and sincerity. That is why and how Shri.Saifullah could become the General Secretary of AICBOF. He is known for his devotion to duty, dignified conduct and disciplined approach. He richly deserves this coveted position and he, sure, will deliver.