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We reproduce hereunder the Circular No. CIRCULAR/GS/2013/02 dated 23.01.2013 received from our Federation for your information.

Circular No. CIRCULAR/GS/2013/02 

dated 23.01.2013
We reproduce hereunder the communication to the management in respect of PPO, for the information of all officers.
"We are thankful to the administration for taking steps to initiate the career advancement process well in time as stipulated by the PPO, for all scales/keeping in mind to provide the required number of Officers strength more particularly to the Branches. No doubt it is desirable that the processes are to be carried out as early as possible but without violating the Policies.
With a view to give opportunities to the maximum number of officers for moving up in their career tracks and to infuse high level of morale among officers, we suggest the following potential points for your considerations:
1.      We understand huge number of Scale-II vacancies are lying vacant. Even most of the vacancies declared last year have been left unfilled because of the less number of applicants participated which caused unbearable hardship and mental agony to the officers mainly in branches.
2.      The Scale-II vacancies are the scarce commodity.  Managers have not been provided adequately to the branches even as per the unilaterally amended staffing pattern. Relaxation in eligibility is the only solution to provide opportunity to more number of Officers to appear in the promotion process who are completing the period within a few days/month from the cut-off date fixed as per the uniform PPO.  The PO batch of the year 2011 may please be considered for the ensuing process so that required number of applicants would be made available.
3.      In the last promotion process, due to unacceptable long distance placements, large number of Scale-I officers have refused to take up the promotion.  Such Scale-I officers may be allowed to participate in the ensuing process keeping aside the debarment clause.
4.      Large number of Scale-I/II/III specialist officers have given their option for conversion to general category.  All these cases can be considered/ allowed to participate in the ensuing promotion process.
5.      Most of the Scale-I officers have not been given opportunity to work in Rural, which is a pre-requisite for promotion as per the PPO.  All such officers should be allowed to participate in the process.
6.      Due to recategorization of Branches, based on the revised business criteria, the number of medium branches were reduced from 3142 to 1768 which caused serious apprehensions in the minds of Scale-I officers about their promotions and also affected the confidence level. We request the administration for the proper identification of vacancies and filling of all the vacancies to avoid frustration.
7.      As there is no difference between WT & FT channel in respect of eligibility and placement for Scale-I to II, we request for the discontinuation of the FT channel.
8.      In the last process, some of the Officers were given special consideration by exempting from R/SU stint, we have already pointed out and still no corrections were made.  When management is showing such special consideration for a selected few, the officers who were made to refuse the promotion due to their posting for R/SU stint should be allowed to participate in the ensuing process.
9.      As the high age of Scale-III officers is not  permitting them for the preparation of any exam, we request for the introduction of normal channel for Scale-III to -IV, which should be purely based on the seniority.
10.  Promotion process for some of the specialist category officers like AFO and RBO have not been taken place recently. It is not proper and is a great injustice to the officers working in such categories. We once again request the management to initiate the process for the remaining specialist officers.
We request you to consider the above mentioned important points and demand for the improvement in the PPO and the removal of anomalies should be made effective from the ensuing processes."
We shall inform you the developments in due course.”
Kind Regards.            
(A.R. SAIFULLAH)                         


We reproduce hereunder the Circular No. CIRCULAR/GS/2013/01 dated 17.01.2013 received from our Federation for your information.
CIRCULAR NO.: GS: 2013: 001                                            
Date: 17.01.2013

TO ALL OFFICERS                                                  

Dear Friends,



We reproduce hereunder our communication to the management for the information of all officers.

"The inspiration infused by our Chairman and Managing Director with compassion, exuberance and elan in the rank and file are the guiding factor for the significant improvement in HR functions in our Bank.  Introduction of various pro active HR initiatives have enhanced the industrial relations image of our Bank. To meet the growing challenges, to enhance the commitment level amongst the work force and to motivate the officers to improve the performance for achieving the corporate goal, we bring to your kind notice the suggestions for strengthening the system.

1.    Man Power Planning:
Despite intermittent officers recruitment over the years the officer strength is not improving. The officer strength composition for the last 4 years as detailed below reveals that the man power planning is not scientifically carried out taking into considerations of optimum man power requirement to handle the scale of business, staffing pattern, planned promotions, future business objectives and also attrition and retirements.

                 As On                         No. of Officers

                        Mar-2009                    12441
                        Mar-2010                    12535
                        Mar-2011                    12883
                        Mar-2012                    12414
                        Sep-2012                    12512

Of course, recently 1500 promotees were inducted as Asst. Manager that too belatedly due to various reasons. Another batch of 1000 Pos are also to be inducted shortly.  But, we understand that their services would be available to the branches only after 6 months training.  We are of the opinion that these additions would not be sufficient to manage the attrition rate of 5% and also the revised staffing pattern.  Any how, we are extremely thankful to the administration for continuous recruitment.

2.    Recruitment Process: The recruitment process requires great deal of insight and patience especially where worker retention and employee satisfaction are critical to the growth and success.  We understand in some banks the State wise hiring process is being carried out with the main intention of employee satisfaction. The existing conventional selection norms and procedures will have to be revisited to ensure that the people we take in are those from the local area so that the talent hired can be engaged properly to the expectations of the customers since the language plays a vital role in banking industry where customers contact and inter personal relationship are inevitable part of the profession.

3.    People Soft HRMS:  Only recently, the people soft HRMS have become staff friendly being operated via intranet. Our request is that it should allowed to be operated through internet so that staff members can leisurely operate any time after office hours.

4.    Business development Meeting: In spite of instructions from our corporate office, Regional office and Zonal Offices are reluctant to convene business development meeting.  Our Central office also has not convened the business development meeting for this year.

5.    Performance appraisal system: In order to make appraisal system more effective, the evaluation should be shared with the officers which is not being done at present, since career advancement is based on the same.  We request transparency in the evaluation is to be introduced.

6.    E-Learning Module: E-Learning Module training program which is available in peer banks is to be introduced to access our business products and to create a source for one-stop training shopping.  Instead of giving more emphasis on class room training, coaching and mentoring which is one of the talent development method may be introduced to attain a certain work behaviour that will improve leadership, employee accountability, team work, goal setting, communication etc.

7.    Leadership training: Enhancing the attitude of the field functionaries to make them realize the need to adapt appropriate changes in their behaviours and mind sets are the need of the hour as some of the field functionaries/RMs are treating the officers particularly the branch managers very shabbily.  We firmly believe that only caring superiors who are part of the team can play significant role in making the staff, involving more for growth.

8.    Officer welfare is a matter of officer relation, building and sustaining good relationship, still some of the very important issues like enhancement in rent reimbursement ceiling, upward revision in conveyance reimbursement scheme and conveyance on monetary, improvement in transfer policy and PPO are yet to see the light of the day.

We are confident that the aspirations of the officers of our bank reflected here in above would be considered favorably”

We shall inform you the developments in due course.”

Yours Sincerely,                    

Friday, January 4, 2013


Pension option to Officers/Family members of deceased officers who retired Voluntarily from Bank’s service on or after 29.09.1995 under Regulation 19.7 of Central Bank of India Officers’ Service Regulations 1979.


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