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CIRCULAR/GS/2013/029                                         Date: 30.11.2013
TO ALL OFFICERS                                                  PLEASE CIRCULATE

Our Federation is awarding six All India Scholarships at the Federation level to meritorious children in 12th Standard examination of the Boards from all over the country. The important terms and conditions for this scholarship scheme are given below:-
a.    Only the children of those officers who are members of the Benevolent Fund Scheme introduced by the units of the Federation will be eligible for this scholarship.
b.    The Scholarship scheme is open for the children who pass the Board examination of Standard XII.
c.    There shall be total of six scholarships – Two for each faculty of Arts, Science and Commerce.
a.    The selected student would be eligible for scholarship of Rs.200/- per month for a period of ten months provided they continue further studies.
The results for 12th Standard for 2012-2013 have already been announced.  As such, the officers whose children have appeared in this examination and fulfill the following criteria, can make the application directly to the Federation on the prescribed format which is given overleaf.
1.     The student should have passed the 12th Standard examination in the first attempt;
2.     The application should reach the office of the Federation on or before 15.12.2013.
3.     For eligibility to apply, a student must have secured minimum of 70% aggregate marks in Science and Commerce faculties and 60% in Arts faculty in the Board Examination of 12th Standard.
The decision of the Federation for selection of the awardees shall be final.
We request the eligible officers to submit the applications in the prescribed format, duly certified by their respective units General Secretaries, directly to the Federation’s office within the stipulated period.
With warm greetings,
Yours Sincerely,
(A.R. SAIFULLAH)                           
The General Secretary
All India Central Bank Officers’ Federation
3rd Floor, Central Bank Building,
M.G.Road, Fort,
Mumbai-400 023
Dear Sir,
Re: Application for A.I.C.B.O.F Meritorious Children Scholarship
My ward has cleared the H.S.C. (XII Standard) Examination of the Board for the year 2012-2013. I am submitting the details:-
1) Full name of the Officer                :
     (in capital)
2) Designation in the Bank                :
3) Place of work (Branch/Office/
     Department)                               :
4)  Residential Address                      :
5)  Date of joining the Bank               :
6)    Full name of the ward (in
Capitals) Mention son/daughter    :
7)   Date of Birth of the ward               :
8)    Name and Address of College/
School.                                       :
9)   Year and month of passing           :
10)    In which faculty, examination is
Passed (Arts/Commerce/Science)  :
11) No.of attempts taken for
       passing H.S.C.                             :
12) Total marks obtained in H.S.C.      :
13)  % of marks to total marks           :
14)  Did the child get any other
        award for this examination (give
        details)                                     :
Place:                                                                         (Signature of the Parent)
(Note: Enclose certified copy of the mark sheet (Xeroxed both side)
Declaration of the Parent
I hereby declare that I am an officer of Central Bank of India working at-------------------------------in Scale------. I also declare that I am a member of CBOA------------- and also a member of the Benevolent Fund Scheme since----------..

                                                                                 (Signature of the Officer)
It is certified that Mr./Ms.__________________________________________________is a member of the Association and the Benevolent Fund Scheme, and the details given above by the Officer are in order.

Date:                                         (SIGNATURE OF GENERAL SECRETARY - UNIT)

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