Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CIRCULAR/GS/2014/02                                                                               18th Jan 2014


Dear Friends,

                         IBA improved their initial offer from 5% to 9.5%

                         Next round of negotiations on 27th January, 2014

                         Strike on 20th and 21st January 2014 deferred

We furnish hereunder the communication received from our Confederation for the information of all officers.

“IBA invited the UFBU for discussions and the bipartite talks were held on 17th Jan 2014, at Mumbai in the office of IBA. UFBU was represented by the representatives of all the constituent unions.

During the discussions held and after protracted negotiations, IBA finally agreed to improve their earlier initial offer of 5% on cost of Pay slip components (which amounted to Rs. 1575 crores) to 9.5 % (amounting to around Rs. 3000 crores) which is exclusive of retirement benefits and other costs. The IBA also reiterated that they would expedite the negotiations and conclude the Settlement by June, 2014. IBA further informed that the next round of negotiations will be held on 27th January, 2014.

While explaining the rationale behind the charter of demands, UFBU pointed out that our offer needs to be further enhanced before we can reach any finality. However, looking to their improved offer and assurance to expedite the settlement, it was decided to defer our agitational programmes and proposed strike action on 20th and 21st January, 2014.

We congratulate all our members all over the country for their enthusiastic preparation for the strike which has resulted in the above outcome.

Further developments will be informed after the next round of negotiations. In the meantime, it is necessary to maintain our unity and preparedness which alone can guarantee accomplishment of our demands”

                                     LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP

“Look before you leap” though reduced to and ridiculed as a cliché has not lost its relevance and value. As they say ‘Bolting the stable after the horse has run off” is of no use. In banks where money is the commodity and the depositing public reposing greater trust on banks expect highest degree of integrity and honesty, the above “clichés” assume greater relevance and importance. A slip can ruin the life of not only the officer concerned but the entire institution. Our business should always be a venture working on time tested systems and procedures. To climb a mountain safe & fast the best option is not ‘cliff hanging’ but by trekking long through bends and bushes. With this reality in mind our bank has recently introduced the SHORT TERM PLAN of business promotion mainly enhancement of business under Retail credit.

During the recent visit to the zonal units, we have been informed that some of our Branch Managers are choked with unimaginable jump in their retail credit segment within the shortest period of 2 months of introduction of STP by the management. Such branch managers are awarded and paraded as role models by the field functionaries. Speed is vital to overcome the competitors and QUALITY is necessary to remain healthy.

There is no second opinion that our prime duty is to increase the qualitative business. But taking up business beyond capabilities landed many in problems.

Our requests to all Branch Managers are:

1.    We cannot take refuge behind the deficiencies. We are paid to act with reason. Reason requires proper and adequate knowledge which should be updated & train ourselves to face the challenges. When in doubt ask others in the know & be thoroughly convinced of what they say by reference to requisite guidelines. Innocence is no defence; ignorance is inexcusable.
2.    There shall be no improvisation to undermine or bypass laid down safeguards and procedures.
3.    Loans should not be sanctioned under pressure. Merit based loan proposals are not unnecessarily delayed. To lower the concentration to high corporate credit, our management requested us to increase the business under Retail lending which is the need of the hour.
4.    Efforts are made to open more and more new accounts
5.    Efforts are made to reduce NPAs by improving quality of advances

However, we have a goal before us. We cannot and must not allow this to fall short of reality. This is not an idle commitment-our honour is at stake. So, let everyone of us do whatever we can-strive, struggle, leaving no stone unturned to achieve our goal under CASA, REDUCTION IN NPA & GROWTH IN RETAIL CREDIT.

There is one and only one answer:      YES WE CAN AND WE WILL.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary

                                                                             OFFICERS’ UNITY —ZINDABAD
                                                                             A I B O C            --ZINDABAD
                                                                             A I C B O F         --ZINDABAD

                        WHAT’S DONE IS DONE   WHAT’S GONE IS GONE
                        ONE OF LIFE’S LESSONS IS ALWAYS MOVING ON.

                            BUT KEEP MOVING FORWARD STEP BY STEP

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